The Kaplan Responsive Preservation Initiative


In situations of armed conflict or sustained political turmoil, there is a critical need to work quickly to protect cultural heritage properties and collections, whether through documentation, preventive preservation measures, or post-conflict stabilization and restoration. When circumstances permit small projects to proceed, cultural heritage professionals working in or near the conflict have often identified such priority interventions but lack resources to implement them.


Through CAORC’s Responsive Preservation Initiative, funded through the J.M. Kaplan Fund, CAORC leverages the unique on-the-ground presence of CAORC member centers throughout the MENA region to rapidly assist in locally driven cultural heritage documentation and preservation efforts in war-torn areas. In recent years, the program has supported modest but highly effective projects that have improved the security, safety, and preservation of at-risk sites, collections, or traditions in such places as Gaza, Libya, Syria, and Yemen.

View examples of previously awarded Kaplan RPI projects here.

CAORC Requests Proposals for Urgent Cultural Heritage Protection Efforts in Yemen

CAORC, in partnership with the American Institute for Yemeni Studies, announces its 2019 call for proposals to support scholars, institutions, and organizations involved in efforts to safeguard, document, and preserve cultural heritage sites and collections within Yemen that are under immediate or urgent threat due to the effects of the ongoing conflict.


Through this call for proposals, CAORC aims to identify potential project partners that could benefit from modest awards to help improve the security, safety, and preservation of at-risk sites, collections, or traditions in the country. The program welcomes applications from cultural heritage professionals, non-profit organizations, and local government ministries/agencies, although all awarded projects must demonstrate the approval and support of the relevant local authorities engaged in cultural heritage protection.


The deadline for the next review of applications is Sunday, August 4, 2019. Project budgets should not exceed US $4,250. For more information, please email fellowships@caorc.org.


Project proposals can be submitted in either English or Arabic through the online application portal:

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