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Teaching and Educational Resources

Explore teaching and educational resources through CAORC’s Flip Partners page. CAORC has complied resources from CAORC research fellows, grantees, and Overseas Faculty Development Seminar participants, including teaching modules, webinars, lesson plans, and more.​ We’ve included instructions on how to navigate through our partners page for those who are unfamiliar with Flip as well as a direct link to our page.

ORC Fellowships and Grants

Each Overseas Research Center offers fellowships, grants, and language and cultural programs specific to its region. You can browse our summary list to learn about opportunities in your region of interest. This is a reference list, not a complete list, so it is best to visit the site of the ORC/s you are interested in to view their opportunities in full. Several of the ORC grant programs use the online application portal SM Apply.

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