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CAORC Fellowships

CAORC offers two fellowship programs, the CAORC- NEH Research Fellowship and the Multi-Country Research Fellowship, which allow fellows to visit and carry out research within our network of Overseas Research Centers.

Overseas Faculty Development Seminars

CAORC recognizes the immediate and growing need for faculty and administrators at U.S. community colleges and minority-serving institutions to provide a global perspective to their students. CAORC offers fully-funded overseas seminars that allow these educators to gain the requisite first-hand experience needed to develop and improve international teaching at their institutions.

ORC Fellowships and Grants

Each Overseas Research Center offers fellowships, grants, and language and cultural programs specific to its region. You can browse our summary list to learn about opportunities in your region of interest. This is a reference list, not a complete list, so it is best to visit the site of the ORC/s you are interested in to view their opportunities in full. Several of the ORC grant programs use the online application portal SM Apply.

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