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Update: Faculty Development Seminars Coming Soon!

Coming soon! The call for applications for the Faculty Development Seminars to Mexico and Senegal will launch on July 12, 2022. The call for applications for the seminar to India will launch later this summer.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the seminars to Mexico and Senegal were postponed and the seminar to Senegal will now take place in winter (December 2022 – January 2023). The seminar to Mexico will take place in spring (March/April 2023). The dates for the seminar to India are still to be determined due to ongoing uncertainty with the COVID-19 situation in India. We at CAORC have been closely monitoring the guidance of health and government officials in the US and overseas as we consider appropriate actions for our programs. The original program dates for these seminars were postponed to protect the health and safety of our participants, colleagues, and guest speakers overseas.

We plan to offer additional Faculty Development Seminars in the future. In addition to India, Senegal, Mexico, and Myanmar/Cambodia we are working on plans to conduct seminars in other countries in 2024, as well. Please continue to visit the CAORC website for updates on the Faculty Development Seminars.

Note about the seminar to Myanmar/Cambodia: Due to the pandemic and the political situation in Myanmar, the seminar that was scheduled to be conducted in Myanmar in June 2020 was postponed. If the political situation in Myanmar has not improved significantly by June 2023, we are considering shifting the seminar to Cambodia for a hybrid Khmer/Burmese program. The faculty participants have already been selected, however if there are spaces available by 2023 due to some of the selected faculty withdrawing, we will have a competition to fill them.

Note to applicants who previously started an application or applied: If you have already submitted an application for a seminar that was postponed, we will contact you when the new application cycle begins, to confirm whether or not you would like your original application to be considered or if you would like to withdraw it. You will also have the option to update your previously submitted application and re-submit it. The review committee will be aware that applicants may have submitted applications at different points in time during the pandemic and this will not count against your application in any way.


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