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Support At-Risk Afghan Scholars and Staff

Funding is urgently needed to help with the transition costs for displaced Afghan scholars, artists, and staff who we are assisting in relocating after evacuating from Afghanistan. Through the Council of American Overseas Research Centers' (CAORC's) global network of member centers, we can provide logistical support, visa support, and assist in finding workplaces in different countries for Afghan scholars, artists, and academic staff who have been displaced. We have worked with other institutions on evacuation plans but understand this is a “long game” and we must be prepared to help these individuals who represent the “generation in Afghanistan” and are at-risk. They need secure havens in which to continue their important work while they pursue asylum or longer-term residency in the US or other countries, which can be a lengthy process.

One of CAORC’s unique capabilities is to assist scholars by providing support at our various overseas research centers around the world. Through our overseas research centers, CAORC can provide support to at-risk Afghan scholars, artists, staff, and their dependents who evacuated from Afghanistan, leaving everything behind, until a final permanent residence (either in the US or abroad) is established. Proceeds will be used to support the costs of housing, food, transportation, and other basic necessities for these families in need. As we support these families during their temporary relocation in other countries, we are working with various organizations to find positions in which they can be employed and once again support themselves.

Founded in 1981, CAORC is a nonprofit federation of independent overseas research centers that promotes advanced research and is concerned with maintaining the cultural heritage in the countries in which we work. Our American scholars work in partnership with local scholars to improve mutual understanding and knowledge.

The recent events in Afghanistan are leading to the largest migration of scholars abroad in over a decade. Just as Americans helped European scholars before and after World War II it is a moral imperative to step up and assist our Afghan colleagues.

Please help us to ensure that the bright light of hope for the future of Afghanistan stays alive through the work of these scholars, artists, and staff. You can make a difference by donating today to the Council of American Overseas Research Centers. Click here to donate.



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