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CAORC Launches Teaching Resources Page

CAORC has launched an open access teaching and educational resources page through a partnership with Flip, which is an online platform for educators. The page features teaching modules, webinars, lesson plans, and more from grantees across the different CAORC funding programs, including the Faculty Development Seminars, research fellowships, and grantees. These resources were designed to support educators in teaching about other countries, world regions, and international social, cultural, and political issues.

Since 2017, CAORC has offered fully funded overseas seminars that help community college and minority-serving institution faculty, and administrators gain international experience to develop and improve international courses, curricula, and teaching materials at their institutions. Many of the former participants have developed open access educational resources as a result of their experience with the seminar.

Additionally, CAORC research fellows and grantees from the Multi-Country Research Fellowship, CAORC-NEH Research Fellowship, Mellon Mediterranean Regional Research Fellowship, and Kaplan Responsive Preservation Initiative have developed resources based on the projects they carried out affiliated with CAORC’s network of Overseas Research Centers.

This platform does not require you to have an account, click the link here to visit the page to learn more and to access instructions, which include how to search and filter through the resources as well as examples.

Click here to go directly to CAORC's Flip Partners page.

CAORC is proud to be able to showcase the many excellent teaching and educational resources from CAORC's programs. This new page will be continually updated so check back regularly to see what’s new. If you are a CAORC fellow or grantee and would like to have a resource included in CAORC's Flip page, please email or get in touch with the relevant staff member.


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