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Apply now! Faculty Development Seminars for Community College and MSI faculty and Administrators

Participants in the CAORC-AIPS 2019 faculty development seminar to Pakistan

Applications are currently being accepted for two international faculty development seminar opportunities!


The CAORC-INYA Faculty Development Seminar on 'Myanmar: Between Political and Climate Change in Southeast Asia', which will be held June 4-21, 2020 in Myanmar (Burma). Since 2011, Myanmar (formerly Burma) has undergone a very challenging political, socio-economic, and cultural transition. More recently, the country has had to face the devastating effects of climate change, with many communities affected considerably by floods, typhoons, and sea-level rise. How, in the run-up to Myanmar’s 2020 General Election, is the country addressing this wide spectrum of challenges? How are these challenges perceived and dealt with by urban and local communities, covered by local media, and discussed during the political campaign?​​Featuring lectures, meetings with media professionals, civil society organizations and political activists, and site visits, this two-week faculty development seminar will offer participants a unique opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in a country which now appears frequently in international news headlines. It will also leave time for the discovery of Myanmar’s ancient cultures and civilizations with visits to some of the country’s major historical and natural sites.

For Questions:

Deadline: March 9, 2020


The AIPS-CAORC Faculty Development Seminar on 'Religion & Culture in the Postcolonial City', which will be held May 31 - June 13, 2020 in Lahore, Pakistan.

Security studies, religious studies, urban studies, cultural studies, and history all have various interests in and viewpoints on Pakistan. This seminar, organized by AIPS with support from CAORC, seeks to add nuance and context to these understandings by providing participants with firsthand experiences of various cultural sites and practices in Lahore, including its medieval walled city and its colonial architectural landmarks, as well as facilitating meetings with local scholars, artists, and others. Through encountering Lahore’s urban geography, participants will glimpse how religious diversity, political struggle, and cultural expression fold into each other in this ancient city of over ten million people.

Deadline: March 10, 2020


The American Institute of Pakistan Studies (AIPS) and the Inya Institute are member centers of the Council of American Overseas Research Centers.


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