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CKS Executive Director Does Outreach at Scarsdale High School, NY

The Center for Khmer Studies' Executive Director, Krisna Uk, gave five presentations during her day-long visit to the Scarsdale High School: two to students taking a French-language class on French Imperialism and its legacy in Cambodia; one to a science class on the environmental challenges in Siem Reap; one to a social studies class on Contemporary Cambodia, and one to the teachers of the school and other K-12 district schools on the Director's research in post-conflict landscapes in Southeast Asia.

This day-visit was a unique opportunity for students and teachers to get an insight into Cambodian studies, as well as to deepen their knowledge of subjects taught about the region (i.e. French imperialism, Chinese dams, water issues in the Mekong).

CKS Executive Director Krisna Uk giving a presentation in French on the French Protectorat to a French class at the Scarsdale School

The visit was funded by the Sarsdale Public Schools.

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