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Lecture / Book Signing: "The Origins of the MALG: Testimonials of a companion of Boussouf"

Each month, CEMA and CRASC invite a major player in the Algerian War for National Liberation, and ask them to discuss their experiences in the struggle.

As a part of its special lecture series, "Testimonials of the War for National Liberation," CEMA (Centre d'Etudes Maghrebines en Algerie) and the National Research Center for Social and Cultural Anthropology (CRASC) invited Abderrahman Berrouane to present his memoirs on the Algerian War of Independence. Mr. Berrouane helped found the Ministry of Arms and Liasons, and played a major role in setting up a clandestine communications network for the national liberation struggle.

The lecture was attended by a Former Algerian Minister of Justice, a former Algerian Senator, former combatants in the national liberation struggle, and head of the local National Liberation movement museum, and concluded with a book signing.

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