NEH Senior Research Fellowship

Funding for this fellowship is generously provided by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Please see below recent cohorts of the CAORC NEH Senior Research Fellowship.

Multi-Country Research Fellowship

Funding for this fellowship is generously provided by the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

Please see below recent cohorts of the Multi-Country Research Fellowship.

2020-2021 Fellows


Colleen Alena O’Brien

Postdoctoral Researcher, Institut für Romanistk, Friedrich–Alexander University Erlangen

Collaborative Documentation, Description, and Analysis of the Gorontalo Language

Susan Slyomovics

Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of California, Los Angeles

The Afterlives of France’s Colonial Monumental Heritage in Algeria

Daniel Steinhart

Associate Professor, Department of Cinema Studies, University of Oregon

Cross-Border Hollywood: Production Politics and Practices in Mexico

2019-2020 Fellows

Max Ajl

Associated Researcher, Observatory for Food Sovereignty and the Environment

Agronomic Alternatives from Tunisia: Big Plans and Small Farms in the Search for Sustainability

Elizabeth A. Cecil

Assistant Professor, Department of Religion, Florida State University

Architectures of Intimidation: Political Ecology and Landscape Manipulation in Early Southeast Asia 

Khaled Esseissah

Assistant Teaching Professor, African Studies Program in the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University

Harāṭīn Muslim Intermediaries: Slavery, Gender and Social Change in French West Africa

2018-2019 Fellows


Hilary Jones

Associate Professor, Florida International University

From Senegambia to the French Antilles: West Africa and the Making of the French Atlantic World

Ageeth Sluis

Professor, Butler University

Warrior Power: Dreaming, Drugs, Death and the Search or Alternate Spirituality in Mexico during the Sixties and Seventies

Nicholas Williams

Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Colorado Boulder

Losing Luekon: Collaborative Documentation of an Endangered Language on the Remote Indonesian Island of Simeulue

2017-2018 Fellows


Justin Henry

Instructor, Loyola University Chicago

Imagining History: Cultural Interface, Religious Identity, and Historiography in Premodern Sri Lanka


Allyson M. Poska

Professor, University of Mary Washington

Contested Equality: Smallpox Vaccination in the Spanish Empire (1803–1810)


Anna Stirr

Associate Professor, University of Hawaii

Performing Aspirations: Love and Revolution in Nepali Progressive Song

2016-2017 Fellows


Karen Barton

Associate Professor, University of Northern Colorado

Africa’s Titanic: Investigating the Geographic Dimensions of the Joola Ferry and Humanitarian Crisis


Dannah Dennis

Teaching Fellow, NYU Shanghai

Bureaucratizing Equality: Nepal’s Civil Service in Transition


Courtney Work

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Chiang Mai University

Climate Change and Co-management in Prey Lang: Social experiments in conflict transformation

2020-2021 Fellows


Nicholas Bartos

Doctoral Candidate, Department of Classics, Stanford University

Human Geographies and Maritime Economies of the Western Indian Ocean, 100 BCE – 700 CE

Sophie A. Brady

Doctoral Candidate, Department of Music, Princeton University

Radio Dakar, Experimental Music, and the Forging of a Global Avant-Garde

Kurt Kuehne

Doctoral Candidate, Department of Sociology, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Hidden from the Heartlands: Precarity, Boundary- Making, and Temporary Migrant Workers in the Global City

Yasser Nasser

Doctoral Candidate, Department of History, University of Chicago

Creating ‘New Asia’: Sino-Indian Friendship and its Global Afterlives, 1947-1962

James Nye

Retired Bibliographer, Committee on Southern Asian Studies, University of Chicago

Enhancing and Expanding Digital and Physical Resources for South Asian Studies

Maru Pabón

Doctoral Candidate, Department of Comparative Literature, Yale University

Agitated Layers of Air: Language, Cultural Decolonization, and Poetics of Solidarity across Algeria, Cuba, and Palestine

Aaron Schneider

Professor and Associate Dean, Josef Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver

Why Emerging Powers Don’t Emerge: Boom and Bust in Brazil and India

William Taylor

Mary Ellen Lane Travel Award Recipient

Curator of Archaeology, Museum of Natural History, University of Colorado, Boulder

Understanding Pastoral Prehistory in Inner Asia’s Mountain Zones Through Glacial Archaeology

Christin Zurbach

Doctoral Candidate, Department of History, University of California, Berkeley

Doctoring Society: The Professionalization of Ottoman Medicine

2019-2020 Fellows

Ofosuwa M. Abiola

Mary Ellen Lane Travel Award Recipient

Associate Professor, Department of Theatre Arts, Howard University

Unwitting Witnesses: Unearthing Narratives of African Dance in Pre-Colonial Logs

Jason Ahlenius

Doctoral Candidate and Graduate Instructor, Spanish and Portuguese Department, New York University

The Limits of Freedom: Formations of Slavery on the Imperial Borderlands in Nineteenth-Century Mexico

Mitchell Bacci

Doctoral Candidate, History Department and Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University

Smugglers and State-Builders: The Illicit Opiate Trade and the Making of the Modern Eastern Mediterranean, 1828-1938

Divya Chandramouli

Doctoral Candidate and Teaching Fellow, Department of South Asian Studies, Harvard University

What Happens When Dramas Move?: 20th Century Traveling Tamil Performers in the Bay of Bengal Region

Amanda Gaggioli

Doctoral Candidate, Classics Department, Stanford University

Earthquakes and Collapse: Resilience and Human-Geological Environment Relationships in Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology

Nathan Grau

Doctoral Candidate, Department of History, Harvard University

France's Forgotten Soldiers: Local Paramilitaries on the Frontlines of Decolonization, 1945-1962

Jill Jarvis

Assistant Professor, Department of French, Yale University

Signs in the Desert: An Aesthetic Cartography of the Sahara

Ellen Nye

Doctoral Candidate, Department of History, Yale University

Credit Between the British and Ottoman Empires: Forging a Global Monetary System, 1670-1720

Christy Schirmer

Doctoral Candidate, Department of Classics, University of Texas at Austin

Exploiting Riverine Resources in the Roman Empire

2018-2019 Fellows

Henry Clements

Doctoral Candidate, Yale University

Documenting Community: The Süryani Christians of the Ottoman Empire

Armelle Crouzières Ingenthron

J. Harvey Watson Professor of French and Francophone Studies, Middlebury College

Mediterranean Dialogues in Catalan and French: Najat El Hachmi and Malika Mokeddem

Samaa Elimam

Doctoral Candidate, Harvard University

On Site: Engineering, Empire, and the Geography of the Nile Valley

Arjun Guneratne

Professor, Macalester College

Ornithology at the Margins: The Social History of a Field Science in Sri Lanka

Nour Joudah

Doctoral Candidate, University of California Los Angeles

Mapping Decolonized Futures: Indigenous Efforts for Algeria, Palestine, and Hawaii

Caroline Kahlenberg

Doctoral Candidate, Harvard University

Hawkers and Housekeepers: Gender, Class, and Jewish-Arab Relations on Palestine’s Margins (1887-1948) 

Taylor Moore

Doctoral Candidate, Rutgers University, New Brunswick

Superstitious Women: Race, Magic, and Medicine in Egypt (1875-1950)

Jeannie Sowers and Erika Weinthal

Associate Professor, University of New Hampshire

Lee Hill Snowdon Professor of Environmental Policy, Duke University

Conflict and the Targeting of Civilian Infrastructure and Livelihoods in the Middle East 

Anna Weerasinghe

Mary Ellen Lane Travel Award Recipient

Doctoral Candidate, Johns Hopkins University

Gender, Medicine, and Law in Early Modern Portuguese India

2017-2018 Fellows

Ashley Eckhardt

Doctoral Candidate, Emory University

The Crafting of Cult Statues in the High Hellenistic Period

Rachel Kulick

Collaborating Geoarchaeologist, University of Toronto

Bronze Age Urban Environments on Crete and Cyprus: Investigating Socio-Environmental Interactions using Geoarchaeology

Laura Kunreuther 

Associate Professor, Bard College

Translating Voices, Interpreting in the Field    

Rebecca Levitan

Doctoral Candidate, University of California, Berkeley

The Pasquino Group: The Use of a Hellenistic Sculpture as a Locus for Dialog and Resistance from Ancient Greece to the Renaissance

Mali Skotheim

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Postclassical Performance: Greek Drama in the Hellenistic and Roman Era

Cristina Stancioiu

Assistant Professor, College of William and Mary

Art and Identity in Eastern Europe, 14th-17th Centuries: The Romanian Principalities of Wallachia and Moldavia in Context

Andrew Ward

Independent Scholar

Transculturality and Regional Adaptation: Cylinder Stamping in the Ancient Western Mediterranean

Julie Weise

Mary Ellen Lane Travel Award Recipient

Associate Professor, University of Oregon

Citizenship Displaced: Migrant Political Cultures in the Era of State Control

2016-2017 Fellows

Alexandra Dalferro

Doctoral Candidate, Cornell University

Shimmering Surfaces and Stray Threads: Weaving State Politics into Khmer Silk in Contemporary Thailand

Lori Leonard

Mary Ellen Lane Travel Award Recipient

Professor, Cornell University

Junkers: Second-hand cars and the creation of waste and value in West Africa

Royce Novak

Doctoral Candidate, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Archipelago of Extinction: Prison Islands in the Making and Unmaking of Empire

Dilshanie Perera

Doctoral Candidate, Stanford University

Barometer Falling: Anticipating Ecological Risk and Governing Disaster across Meteorological Worlds

Erin Rowe

Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins University

Black Saints in Early Modern Global Catholicism

Kimberley Thomas

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Pennsylvania

Is climate finance just?

Hugh Tuller

Doctoral Candidate, University of Tennessee at Knoxville

The Role of Forensic Science in Post-Conflict Transformation: A cross-cultural comparison of Cyprus and northern Uganda


CAORC's Multi-Country Research Fellowship launched in 1993. This page displays the five most recent cohorts.