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Terrains of Research in Afghanistan

A CAORC Alumni Ambassador Talk with Shah Mahmoud Hanifi

(Note: A recording of this webinar is now available here)

October 19, 2022 at 4:00pm ET

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Please join us by zoom on Wednesday, October 19, at 4pm for CAORC’s inaugural Alumni Ambassador Lecture, “Terrains of Research in Afghanistan,” by James Madison University History Professor Shah Mahmoud Hanifi. Dr. Hanifi received a CAORC Multi-Country Research Fellowship affiliated with the American Institute of Indian Studies (AIIS) and the American Institute of Pakistan Studies (AIPS), he served on the Executive Committee of the American Institute of Afghanistan Studies (AIAS), and on the Board of Trustees of AIIS.

Dr. Hanifi’s Multi-Country Research Fellowship was CAORC’s dissertation award to combine research experiences in India and Pakistan. Under the leadership of the late Professor John F. Richards, Dr. Hanifi joined the Steering Committee that led to the creation of AIAS before serving as the AIAS Treasurer for over a decade. He then worked with JMU, CAORC, five South Asia Overseas Research Centers, and other organizations on an international conference series and edited book on colonial knowledge formations. Dr. Hanifi subsequently joined the AIIS Board of Trustees where his duties included organizing a dissertation workshop for rising scholars in the field of Mughal Persian Studies.

Dr. Hanifi will briefly detail these transnational research experiences to highlight some of the many research fellowships and scholarly exchange opportunities available across CAORC’s large and growing international family of US Overseas Research Centers. JMU and CAORC staff will remain on hand to respond to audience questions. This webinar will be recorded.

This talk is open to the public and free to attend, but registration is required.


About Shah Mahmoud Hanifi

Shah Mahmoud Hanifi is Professor of History at James Madison University where he teaches courses on the Middle East and South Asia. Hanifi received a B.A. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan. His dissertation formed the basis of a Gutenberg-e Prize from the American Historical Association that resulted in his first book, Connecting Histories in Afghanistan (2009, 2011). Hanifi’s research and publications have addressed subjects including colonial political economy, the history of printing, the Pashto language, photography, cartography, animal and environmental studies, and Orientalism in Afghanistan. His recent edited book focuses on the early nineteenth-century British Indian scholar-administrator Mounstuart Elphinstone, and he is now working on a monograph that examines the environmental history of Afghanistan over the longue durée through water, wood, animals and food. Hanifi served as the Treasurer of the American Institute of Afghanistan Studies from 2003-2015, and from 2017-2020 he served on the South Asia Council of the Association for Asian Studies and on the Board of Trustees of the American Institute of Indian Studies. He now serves on the Editorial Board of the journal Afghanistan and as a Special Theme Editor on Afghanistan for the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Asian History. In addition to the AHA, Professor Hanifi has received research grants from the Social Science Research Council, the Council of American Overseas Research Centers, the Asian Development Bank, and the Carnegie Corporation of New York.


To learn more about the CAORC and the Overseas Research Centers' fellowship programs, click here.


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