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Celebrating 50 Years in Jordan: ACOR's Past, Present and Future

ACOR at 50
This year, the Amman-based American Center of Oriental Research (ACOR) is celebrating 50 years as a research center in Jordan.
Founded in Amman in 1968 as a gathering of archaeologists "in a small flat, with a handful of books," ACOR is now a leading center of research on Jordan and the surrounding area, with a particular focus on archaeology and cultural heritage.
HRH Prince Raad and ACOR Director Barbara Porter
ACOR Director Barbara Porter and HRH Prince Raad Bin Zeid
The Center has been marking the anniversary through a series of lectures, videos, and written reflections, including a public presentation by Dr. Barbara Porter, ACOR Director, in Amman last month.
To follow along with "ACOR at 50," explore the resources below.
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