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ARCE Welcomes the Shafik Gabr Foundation East-West: The Art of Dialogue Fellows

Shafik Gabr Foundation - East-West: The Art of Dialogue Fellowship with ARCE staff

The American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE) hosted an exceptional group of 20 young Americans and Egyptians as part of the Shafik Gaber Foundation East-West: The Art of Dialogue Fellowship. ARCE Director Dr. Gerry Scott welcomed the Fellows and provided an overview of ARCE’s history in Egypt. Following the Director’s welcome, Michael Jones, ARCE Associate Director for Conservation offered an overview of ARCE’s two-decade involvement in conservation, highlighting topics and issues inherent in cultural heritage conservation and management. The Gabr Fellows expressed interest in the processes and timeline of preserving historic sites in Egypt and how new technologies are being used in the field of cultural heritage management.

The global cultural exchange project selects emerging leaders in the areas of art, science, legislation, and social and business entrepreneurship and is designed to provide the participants with unique insights into their respective societies and establish a foundation for professional and personal relationships across cultures. In addition to the cultural exchange component, Gabr Fellows work in mixed teams of Americans and Egyptians to develop and carry out collaborative action projects that addresscommon challenges facing both societies.

Dr. Gerry Scott, ARCE Director, welcomes the Shafik Gabr Fellows to ARCE and provides a background on its history and accomplishments

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