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WARC Participates in Columbia University Conference on Islam and Peace

“Religion and Peace in Senegal”: Toward a Unified Strategic and Operational Framework

Thanks to the West African Research Center (WARC)’s new videoconferencing center, Senegalese scholars were able to be part of the Columbia University conference on Islam and Peace held on the weekend of September 12th and13th. The panel considered the role and importance of religion and religious forces in the future of Senegal. It also focused on neighboring West African countries where Senegalese religions have millions of followers. The panel addressed the need for the various Muslim brotherhoods and other religious denominations to engage in a dialogue on issues leading to joint actions and initiatives to promote peace and development, and counter extremism and attendant violent eruptions.

Columbia-WARC Islam and Peace conference

On Sunday, participants held a videoconference dialogue with distinguished African scholars and young Islamic leaders who were participants in Columbia University’s international conference on "Islam and Peace in the World: Perspectives from the Non-Violent Traditions of African Muslims." The WARC panel was attended by 17 scholars and prominent young members of the major religious brotherhoods in Senegal, all of whom contributed to the rich conversations. The opening ceremony was attended by His Excellency, James Zumwalt, the US Ambassador to Senegal, and a representative of the Senegalese government. This was a ground breaking instance of linking scholars in the US and those in Dakar.

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