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Plans Underway for On-Site Outdoor Archaeology Lab at The Albright!

In a bid to better utilize the Albright's ample grounds, preliminary work began this summer on an outdoor archaeological laboratory on the former tennis court, at the eastern edge of the property. In light of Director Matthew Adams' aim to continually improve the experience of the Albright’s Fellows and scholars, and the demand for space for processing large assemblages of archaeological material from excavations, the lab will feature a work area sheltered from sun and rain, electricity, water and wifi. The 2015-2016 Annual Professor Jennie Ebeling, who has done much processing in the past in the downstairs laboratory and in the courtyard, agrees that there is a need for such a facility: “It’s definitely a great idea to have a designated space like this, with everything you need, and situated right next to the storage containers.” The containers have already been moved to the earmarked space, thanks to Facilities Manager Ashraf and his team. In the near future, the Albright will lease out space in the containers to address the demand for storage for excavation projects. A fundraising campaign to provide the roofing and other amenities will take place later this year, but contributions can already be made at the Albright’s online store.

Crane lifting container.

Facilities Manager Ashraf Nazeih and team hard at work.

Containers in place, creating a courtyard around the planned site.

Though an intramural tennis league may not be in the cards at the Albright, the honor of better serving researchers in the region is even more rewarding.

You can also view this story on the W.F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research's website at:

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