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ACMS Hosts ROTC Mongolian Cultural Interpretation Field Workshop

The American Center for Mongolian Studies (ACMS) in Ulaanbaatar, under the leadership and guidance of the ACMS General Manager Baigalmaa Begsuren, hosted a seven day education field workshop with 19 ROTC officer cadets and senior officers. The goal of the workshop was to develop an understanding and appreciation for Mongolian history, tradition, and culture.

The trip was lead by Dr. Julia Clark, a field archeologist, with support from Fulbright Scholar Eli Hornstein, a restoration ecologist. Participants recieved daily Mongolian language classes, as well as cultural, historical and environmental workshops. They also participated in the site restoration of the Golmod archeological site and completed repair and maintenance work at the Amarbayascalant Monastery, one of the oldest in Mongolia.

Camp outside Dashinchiluun village

Base camp nearl Gol Mod archeological

Gol Mod archeological site area

Cleanup and restoration at Amarbayascalant Monastery

The entire field workshop group

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